Finding mold in your home can terrify any homeowner, it can grow on furniture, flooring, books and paper that you have stored in your home.  Not only can mold cause structural damage if you find it in the walls it is also a huge health hazard.  Mold is dangerous to you and your family it can irritate asthma and do irreparable damage to your lungs.  Mold is a huge health issue if it isn’t addressed immediately.

What is Mold

Mold is a fungus that will grow when there is a humid environment.  Mold doesn’t need sunlight and it doesn’t need a lot of nutrients to survive.  It can grow on almost any organic material so you can find it almost anywhere.

Finding Mold in Your Home

Why it Needs to Go

Large mold colonies give off spores and many people will develop a reaction to it.  If you have mold in your home and touch it you can develop dermatophytes which is similar to athletes foot.  Mold colonies can also release mycotoxins and these are incredibly toxic and can make you seriously ill.  This is why you need to get mold out of your house right away.

Can You Prevent it?

There are a couple of things that you can do to make sure you don’t get mold, first you need to reduce the level of humidity in your home.  Mold doesn’t survive in dry climates.  If you have a damp basement or a leak anywhere then get it fixed.

Does My Home Have Mold?

If you are unsure if your home has mold or you are buying a new home then a professional mold detection company can take a look for you.  For the most part mold is easily spotted if when there is very little of it.  It also can give off an earthy or musky scent.  If your home is humid and dark then it might be a good idea to get it tested.

Can I Remove it Myself

If it is small and contained then you can probably remove it yourself.  You will first need to get rid of the mold that caused the mold in the first place.  Once everything has been cleaned, make sure that you have cleaned the vacuum too.  Scrub the area with soap and water and bleach.  If you try and clean the mold yourself then make sure you have proper gear.

Finding mold in your home is dangerous and it should be removed as quickly as possible.  If you are unsure if your home as been infected with mold then speak with a specialist and have it tested.

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