Removing Mold from Your Home San Diego, CA

Once you have discovered that you have mold in your home then the next step is getting rid of it.  Removing mold from your home is crucial, not only can it cause structural damage, destroy the value of your home, it can also make you and your family sick.  Mold is highly toxic and can cause a bunch of respiratory illnesses.  These illnesses can range from mild sneezing or runny nose to severe

Removing Mold from Your Home

breathing problems for those suffering from asthma.  If you or your family have had any of these symptoms then you need to bring a professional to get rid of it for you.  Bear in mind that the mold you can see may only be a very small portion of what is actually in your home.

Mold Remediation

Mold spores are in the air all around us and when they find a damp area then they settle and start to grow.  While you can’t completely remove mold from your home you can get rid of what you have and make the area inhospitable for new colonies.  You are remedying the problem, never completely fixing it but that does not mean that mold will come back.  A good remediation company will make sure that your mold never returns.

The Prep Work

When cleaning mold one of the dangers is that mold spores will be spread into the air as they are disturbed.  You will see your mold removal technicians dressing up in what looks like a hazmat suit complete with masks, goggles and gloves.  The affected area will be completely seals off to prevent any spreading and there will be fans pulling air out of the windows.  Here is what it will look like.

Removal of the Mold

During the mold removal process the technician will spend a lot of their efforts to make sure that the mold stays contained.  You can easily spread mold once the spores have been disturbed.  The technicians will spray the entire area with a spray bottle to keep the mold down.  To kill the growth they will use bleach, ammonia or peroxide to clean the surfaces.  The room is left to dry and then they will bring in a vacuum to remove any material that is left.

Once the affected area has been cleaned and vacuumed then the technicians will remove the debris in sealed plastic bags to be incinerated later.  The will move from room to room making sure that everything is cleaned and all the debris is gone.

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